Desarrollo de actitudes hacia el cuidado de la energía: experiencia en la formación de maestros


  • A. Raviolo
  • P. Siracusa
  • M. Herbel


To promote attitudes and actions towards energy conservation should be a basic goal in the science education.

The present preliminary study attempts to evaluate the efficiency grade of a teaching proposal about energy saving carried out with preservice elementary teachers.

Among the targets of this proposal we emphasize: 1) to enhance student’s knowledge about energy, 2) that they become aware of the energy problem and 3) to develop positive attitudes towards energy conservation.

The attitudes were evaluated administering a Likert-type eleven-item test before the teaching proposal and a post-test five months after it finished. The initial outcomes were compared with a similar research with Northamerican pupils. A statistically meaning change of attitudes towards energy conservation was obtained.




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