Los problemas de lápiz y papel en la formación de profesores


  • Cristina Martínez Losada
  • Susana García Barros
  • Matilde Mondelo Alonso
  • Pedro Vega Marcote


In this article a didactic approach for both initial and ongoing teacher training is presented, oriented towards the teaching and learning of paper and pencil problem-solving. Taking as a starting point teachers’ ideas of the educational possibilities of the problems which are generally used in Science classes (objectives reached and specific procedures which they develop), it then goes on to analyse and evaluate concrete traditional and innovative problem-solving models. This study will also look at commentaries and results regarding the development of these activities from both in-service and trainee teachers. It is shown that these teachers initially accept the educational interest of such problems, and they consider the innovative model to be the most useful because, apart from motivating the students, it also develops research procedures which the traditional problems ignore, and which are fundamental in scientific training.




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