Influencia educativa de los padres en una visita al Museo de la Ciencia: actividad compartida entre padres e hijos frente a un módulo


  • Montse Benlloch
  • Vilma N. Williams


This study intends to determine the educational influence of eighty-four parents over their children at a module at Science Museum. The study of this influence, on the one hand, examined a number of behaviours shared during the day at the activity centre known as «The Wave Machine» by analysing attention, disinterest, reading of signs and dialogue. On the other hand, the influence of several demographic characteristics of the population, such as the educational formation and type of parents using the activity centre, are studied. Both variables are analysed using contingency charts and establishing the degree of significance among the categories of each.

The results obtained demonstrate significant differences in the area of communication. The parents with a university education speak more with their children as compared to those with another type of educational formation.




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