Proyecto de enseñanza individualizada de ciencias experimentales (PEICE). Análisis de una experiencia


  • F. López Rupérez
  • Isabel Brincones Calvo
  • R. Garrote Flores
  • C. Palacios
  • C. Santin
  • M. D. Toves


The obvious heterogenity of the students in the first Physics and Chemistry course of our Secondary Education and the poor achievements obtained in our country makes it desirable to look for solutions which can influence the learning conditions in a positive way. This paper shows an approach to a individualized Instruction that is compatible with the graduate school model and, therefore, applicable in ordinary conditions. The evaluation of the innovation has been made by means of an experimental design that includes, among others,  covariance and regression analysis procedures. Finally, the results obtained are disussed.




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