Tenerife tiene seguro de sol (y de luna): representaciones del profesorado de primaria acerca del día y de la noche


  • Ana Vega Navarro


This study is adressed to report which the ideas about «day» and «night» are from a sample of Primary School Teachers in the Island of Tenerife. A frequent association of the Moon with the night is persistently shown by a third part of teachers. As a consequence, they consider the Moon to be static, and therefore are not able to correctly explain the day and night cycle. Four wrong representations are identified: rotation, revolution, appearance-disappearance and occultation-eclipse.

In the light of these results, the author points out the need for revising textbooks contents and images and giving a new direction to teacher’s education. Thus, scientific and didactics education has to take into account that it is actually inside the classrooms where pupils learn many of their alternative frameworks transmitted by their own teachers.




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