Análisis de manuales a través del tratamiento didáctico dado al concepto de límite de una función : una perspectiva desde la noción de obstáculo


  • C. Sánchez Gómez
  • Ángel Contreras de la Fuente


This paper is based on Sierpinska's ideas (1991) about the notions of comprehension acts and epistemological obstacles, and on other basic concepts. Therefore, in this study we try to obtain some methodological implications related to the teaching of the functional limit notion, through the analysis of some textbooks. The following variables are taken into account: a) the way the concept is presented; b) the type of definition; c) the examples appearing in the previous sections or headings; d) the conceptions of limit which can be derived from the textbook; e) possible obstacles and difficulties in the development of the contents, our attention being mainly centered on conceptions and obstacles.




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